Call for Papers: The Journal of Philosophical Investigations – University of Tabriz

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Call For Papers – Journal of Philosophical Investigations – University of Tabriz


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The journal of Philosophical Investigations accepts articles on the following topics:

  • Metaphysics (Epistemology & Ontology)

  • Applied Philosophy (philosophy of art, philosophy of religion, philosophy of ethics…)

  • Islamic Philosophy

  • Comparative philosophy

 All contents of this Journal can be downloaded for free (Open access )

Most Visited Articles
Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 14, Summer 2014, Page 1-235  XML

Illumination and Intuition in Plato

Page 1-26
Maryam Soltani kohanestani; Majid Sadrmagles


Proclus’ Elaboration of Platonic Remarks on the Problem of Evils, and their Relation to Divine Providence and Efficiency

Page 27-48
Reza korrang beheshti; Saed Benaye motlagh; Ali Karbasizadeh


Hegel, Heidegger and the Problem of Time

Page 49-96
Mohammad Mehdi Ardebili; Alireza Azadi


The Method of Heidegger’s Research in “Being and Time”

Page 71-92
Hossein Tarigatpor; Mohammadjavad Safian


Later Wittgenstein on Doubt and Certainty

Page 93-112
Mohammadsadegh Zahedi; Khadijeh Asli bage


The Internal Inconsistency of the Late Wittgenstein’s Viewpoint

Page 113-130
Abdorrahim Fatemi


Islamic Ethics and the Doctrine of the Mean

Page 131-147
Hossein Atrak


Formalism in Kantian Ethics from a Schelerian Perspective

Page 149-163
Alireza Hassanpoor


Ethical Responsibility in Emmanuel Levinas’s Thought; the Other-Driven Passivity of the I

Page 165-182
Alireza Sayadmansour; Hamid Talebzadeh


Virtue Based Epistemology and the Problem of Justification

Page 183-193
Saed Hafkhar noghani; Reza Akbari; Jahanger Masoodi


The Problem of Calculation in Utilitarianism: Censure of J.J.C.Smart

Page 195-216
Sahar Kavandi; Mohsen Jahed; Mohammad Hossein Arshadi bidgoli
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