PHILOMOBILE – Travel and Philosophy – Nietzsche, May 16-25, 2015

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PHILOMOBILE – Travel & Philosophy


Philosmobile - Nietzsche 2015

Lecturer:  Yunus Tuncel, Ph.D.


May 16-25, 2015


Locations: Germany and Switzerland


Single Occupancy: $2,900
Double Occupancy: $2,500


The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche


Visit villages, towns, where Friedrich Nietzsche lived, while studying and discussing his works and ideas.


Some places:

Leipzig, Röcken, Naumburg, Schulpforta, Weimar, Jena, Bayreuth, Basel, and SilsMaria.


For more information, please visit, write to us at,or, call us at 917-740-9565.
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