Andre Glucksmann: Revolution without guarantee

Feb 27, 2011 by

Since January 2011 inevitability has ceased to exist in Maghreb and the Middle East. Whatever happens next, we welcome the upheaval with “a taking of sides according to desires which borders on enthusiasm.” These were Kant’s words about the French Revolution even if he did disapprove of some of the watershed events.

The globalization which has submerged the earth for the past thirty years, is not limited to finance and the economy. It also carries across the borders the virus of freedom which occasionally gains the upper hand (as in the velvet revolutions) and sometimes comes up against the brutality of the profane politico-military apparatus as in 1989 on Tienanmen Square, or its celestial equivalent in Iran 2009.

via Andre Glucksmann: Revolution without guarantee (18/02/2011) – signandsight.

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