Markus Gabriel Talk | Friday May 14th 12-2pm at the New School

May 12, 2010 by

The New York German Idealism Workshop and the New School
Psychoanalytic Theory Workshop present:

Markus Gabriel, Bonn University
“Predication and Repression: The Unconscious of Philosophy”

Date: Friday, May 14th
Location: The New School for Social Research
6 East 16th Street, Wolff Conference Room (906/913)
Time: 12:00-2:00pm

(refreshments will be provided)

Todd Kesselman, Karen Ng, Matt Congdon, Andreja Novakovic, and Karl Fotovat

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Bio: Markus Gabriel received his doctorate from the University of
Heidelberg, Germany, and is currently Chair of Philosophy at
Universität Bonn. He has published numerous books and articles,
including Der Mensch Im Mythos (De Gruyter, 2006), Das Absolute und
die Welt in Schellings Freiheitsschrift (Bonn University Press, 2006),
and most recently Mythology, Madness and Laughter: Subjectivity in
German Idealism (co-authored with Slavoj Zizek).

  • gabriel vacariu

    similarities between Markus Gabriel’s ideas (Bonn University) and Vacariu’s
    ideas (Bucharest University)

    About Markus Gabriel’s
    book Warum es die Welt nicht gibt, Ullstein: Berlin 2013 and his TED clip Why the world
    does not exist: Markus Gabriel at TEDxMünchen

    My name is Gabriel
    Vacariu (Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Bucharest University):

    In the paper that is
    at my webpage/in attachment,
    I analyze
    the UNBELIEVABLE SIMILARITIES between my ideas from my works (2005, 2008, 2010,
    2011, 2012) and Markus Gabriel’s ideas (Bonn University) from his book
    published in 2013 and his TED clip (2013).

    Also I have a talk about these unbelievable similarities on YouTube at:

    My ideas can be found
    in my paper “Mind, brain and epistemologically different worlds” at Synthese
    (2005), and in all my books (published in English at Bucharest University
    Publishing Company) that are on Internet at my webpage

    Gabriel Vacariu
    Department of Philosophy
    Bucharest University

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