TOC: THE EUROPEAN LEGACY: Volume 14, Issue 5 (2009)

THE EUROPEAN LEGACY: Volume 14, Issue 5 (2009)

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new (special topic) issue of “The European Legacy,” which is available online at:

Topic: Philosophy as Literature

Guest Editor: Costica Bradatan (The Honors College, Texas Tech University)



“Introduction: Unorthodox Remarks on Philosophy as Literature”
By Costica Bradatan
Pages 513 – 518

“Of Poets and Thinkers: A Conversation on Philosophy, Literature and the Rebuilding of the World”
By Costica Bradatan; Simon Critchley; Giuseppe Mazzotta; Alexander Nehamas
Pages 519 – 534

“Hunting Plato’s Agalmata”
By Matthew Sharpe
Pages 535 – 547

“The Nexus of Unity of an Emerson Sentence”
By Kelly Dean Jolley
Pages 549 – 560

“The Concept of Writing, with Continual Reference to ‘Kierkegaard’”
By Mark Cortes Favis
Pages 561 – 572

“An Inhumanly Wise Shame”
By Brendan Moran
Pages 573 – 585

“Stanley Cavell and Two Pictures of the Voice”
By Adam Gonya
Pages 587 – 598

“Philosophy, Poetry, Parataxis”
By Jonathan Monroe
Pages 599 – 611

Review Essays:

“After the Abyss: Theory Lives On”
By Constance Eichenlaub
Pages 613 – 616

“Funny Masters”
By Sonia Arribas
Pages 617 – 620

“Ritual or Playful? On the Foundations of European Drama”
By Victor Castellani
Pages 621 – 631

Book Reviews:

Reviews by Nick Bentley; Ronald Bogue; Peter Burke; John Danvers; Christopher Irwin; Geoff Kemp; Martyn Lyons; David Malcolm; Gordon Marino; Amy L. Mclaughlin; Brian Nelson; Christian Roy; Paola S. Timiras; Eric White
Pages 633 – 646

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