Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society April 2013 Volume 18 Number 1

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PSYCHOANALYSIS, CULTURE & SOCIETY, April 2013 Volume 18 Number 1, pp 1 – 111
Special Section: The Digital Subject

Guest Editor: Scott Krzych

Psychoanalytic listening to socially excluded young people, Miriam Debieux Rosa and Ilana Mountian

Politics of the picture, Henry Krips

The psycho-discursive origins of moral panics: Attempting a new theoretical synthesis, Galit Ailon

Introduction to special section on the digital subject, Scott Krzych

Virtual freedom: The obfuscation and elucidation of the subject in cyberspace, Todd McGowan

Miniaturized mobilities: Transformations in the storage, containment and retrieval of affect, Anthony Elliott

Paranormal Activity and the revenge of the Mulveyan male gaze, Hugh S Manon

Twitter and the personalization of politics, Andre Nusselder

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