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What is presence for phenomenology? Where is phenomenology, at present? Does phenomenology privilege presence? And what of absence?

We are welcoming submissions for the 4th annual University of Sussex graduate conference in phenomenology. The themes of the last three years have progressed through phenomenology’s beginnings, ends, and methodology. This year the conference will approach the ambiguous status of phenomenology’s presence.

We invite abstracts from those working in, around, or critically engaging with phenomenology, broadly construed. We also encourage abstracts from those working outside philosophy departments. This is in keeping with the theme of the conference in that we hope to question the typical place and presence of phenomenological research.

Husserl’s famous battle cry calls thinking to return to the ‘things themselves’, that which is given, or that which presences and is present. Yet, this very challenge, the question of presence, has drawn quite different responses from those thinkers who have engaged with the inheritance of phenomenology. Now more than ever, phenomenology must contend with a scientific world view which describes the world by that which is withheld and yet underpins all that is given. Does phenomenology present an alternative? Should it? Or is the future of phenomenology more one of absence than presence?

This conference provides graduate students the opportunity to present for twenty minutes and receive questions and feedback for an additional twenty minutes each. It is a two-day conference, organized by graduate students for graduate students. It is organized as a single ‘stream’, ensuring that every speaker has the opportunity of addressing all delegates. We aim to bring together postgraduates engaging in original research on phenomenology and related branches of philosophy and to promote contemporary studies in this field.

Keynote speakers:

– Professor Béatrice Han-Pile (University of Essex, UK)

– Professor Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State University, US)


Submissions should be made via the conference website ( no later than the 7th April.

Click here for more details: Call For Papers | SUSSEX PHENOMENOLOGY.

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