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Alain Badiou (born 17 January 1937 in Rabat, M...

The International Journal for Badiou Studies is an international, peer-reviewed, open-source journal dedicated to the philosophy and thought of, and surrounding, the French philosopher Alain Badiou.

The IJBS is dedicated to original and critical arguments that directly engage the works of Badiou, as well as pertinent intellectual colleagues and related concepts.  The aim of the IJBS is to develop a clear and transparent site for Badiou scholars, and those interested in his ideas, to come together from around the world to share their research and develop productive dialogues.  In line with the ethos of the IJBS, we will accept articles in supported world languages, although an English abstract is required for all submissions.  In this and other regards, we share similar aspirations and are partnered together with the International Journal of Žižek Studies.

The inaugural issue of the IJBS will be dedicated to the idea of ‘Badiou Now!’  Why?  Because Badiou’s philosophical interest is fundamentally contemporary and political.  The notion of Badiou Now! captures the urgency that Badiou sees in combating the ‘Thermidorian’ spirit, reactive and obscurantist subjects that deny the necessity of rupture, events, acts, new truths, who replace action with political apathy, and radical democracy with a return to ‘pure’ transcendental notions.  In contrast to the Evental-negating/denying subject, Badiou is concerned with the question of how to maintain fidelity to the event, though he is brutally aware of competing subjective forces and of the materialist dialectical need for endless events, for perpetual breaks and splits, which promote the present as future.  The first issue then, will seek proposals that address the role of Badiou’s thought in building a 21st century conception of human organization.

Prospective articles should be in the range of 6,000-8,000 words, prepared for blind review, and accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words. Authors should follow the standard guidelines for online submission. Articles should be submitted no later than the 29th of February 2012.

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