Book Review: Dianna Taylor (ed.) – Michel Foucault: Key Concepts

Jun 8, 2011 by

Michel Foucault: Key Concepts is an anthology by contemporary Foucault scholars explaining and applying, as the title suggests, Foucault’s most important ideas. The volume is divided into three parts — power, freedom, and subjectivity — with four essays addressing each topic. Taken as a whole, the essays provide succinct and insightful explanations of Foucault’s contributions to our understanding of those concepts as well as demonstrations of how they can be put to use, both within Foucault’s own work and in original applications. Particular attention is paid to the concepts associated with works from Foucault’s “middle” and “late” periods: discipline, assujettisement, biopower, power/knowledge, parrh?sia, and the care of the self. Although the introduction begins by highlighting the unsystematic nature of Foucault’s work, the essays together reveal the strong connections between the forms of analysis Foucault pursued and the concepts he developed to address those questions.

via Dianna Taylor (ed.) – Michel Foucault: Key Concepts – Reviewed by Cynthia D. Coe, Central Washington University – Philosophical Reviews – University of Notre Dame.

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