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UPDATE: Google has cleared the site. I am grateful for the encouraging emails, offering technical support as well as expressed sympathies. I am particularly grateful to Brian Leiter for bringing more attention to the problem. The site should be back to its full form shortly. There are many preventative measures left to implement. Thank you for your patience.

I am terribly sorry that there have not been updates for the past few days.

I had mentioned a while back that this site had been hacked and to the best of my abilities I fixed the problems. For the past few days however, a new set of problems have emerged. If you google “continental philosophy” you can see my site as the second hit (behind wikipedia). But you can also see that google does not allow anyone to visit the site from their search engine. According to google the site is infected.

Let me first say that whatever this may mean, by visiting the site your computer is not at risk. The site still receives thousands of visitors per day and no one seems to encounter any problem.

It seems as though one of the hackers has left a certain code behind that is on the black-list of google. I am doing my best to fix this and have spent too many hours on it as it is. My knowledge of Sartrean phenomenology and Ricoeurian hermeneutics does not help in this case! And google has been remarkably unhelpful. The entire experience has been quite kafkaesque as the site is on trial. (At least I can understand the existentialist angst of the whole process!)

If any expert among the readers is willing to help, please email me.

I hope that this will be resolved shortly. My apologies for the delay.

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  1. Alas, even Ricoeurian hermeneutics has its limits. Glad you’re up and running again.